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Survival/defense Missions & Invasion


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I love the Invasion feature, and I sometimes enjoy partaking in the rewards. But when it comes to Defense and Survival, people start the mission, and go until extraction is open, or the end of the first set. Which is GREAT if you're someone who doesn't care about the mission at hand, and just want the invasion reward. But really bad if you're someone like me who also tends to do infested survival and defense runs with randoms because friends are either offline, AFK, Playing some other game, or at school/work.  


So here's my two suggestions:


#1: Change the Defense missions for Invasions to those similar to alerts where you have to be there for a set number of waves, and your done. And substitute Survival with another mission type.


#2: Change the reward system of invasion, so if the node's mission is survival or defense, it's not based on how many runs, it's based on who long you survive/defend, the first 5min/set you get 1 reward, and each 5min/set 1 more reward is added. So if it's mutagen mass, you could survive for 25 minutes and get 5 mutagen masses or a mix of rewards that only drop in invasion missions. Thus making it more rewarding to stay longer, rather than to stay for the shortest amount of time possible.

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