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Orokin Immortals [Fully Researched] [Active Alliance] Recruiting For Future Expansion


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We are a Shadow Clan looking for new active members to form the foundation of a larger clan in the future. We have several spots open to anyone interested.  

We have all lab research completed. We host regular events and challenges open for all clan members. We are members of the Solar Syndicate alliance, very active in the rails and a nice and very helpful supplemental player base to help you run missions if you need it. Dojo is built and is well decorated, want to check it out? Send me a PM in game and I would be happy to give a tour. 

About Me: YoreGawd (IGN)

I started this clan as a solo project because the clan I was in was not very active anymore. I built the dojo and completed the research 100% solo before I started recruiting members. 

I just reached Mastery Level 16 with just over 600 hours in game. I am on most nights and I am easy to get a hold of if you have questions. 

Our clan also has a Facebook page (facebook.com/orokinimmortals) that I use to announce contests, events, and to communicate with players if I happen to not be on. 

Ground Rule

We only have one rule.....

Any questions?

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