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Suspicious Shipments Overview Of All Alerts And Feedback.


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Now that the event is over here is the complete list of all alert and rewards for the event


Psoro (Eris)            150k Credits

Thon (Ceres)           1 Argon Crystal

Mariana (Earth)       10 R5 Fusion Cores

Phithale (Sedna)      4 Orokin Cells

Cressida (Uranus)    175k Credits

Monolith (Phobos)    Orokin Reactor

Mimas (Saturn)        Cosmic Specter

Armaros (Europa)     300 Oxium

Spear (Mars)            Forma

Psoro (Eris)             150k Credits (First alert was run again, most likely since rewards were bugged)

Adrastea (Jupiter)     Forma blueprint

Acheron (Pluto)        Orokin Reactor blueprint

Eurasis (Earth)         Orokin Catalyst blueprint

Thon (Ceres)            200k Credits

Linea (Venus)           Orokin Catalyst

Lares (Mercury)        4 Orokin Cells

Hall (Phobos)           Orokin Reactor blueprint

Rusalka (Sedna)       Cosmic Specter

Thalassa (Neptune)   175k Credits

Setebos (Uranus)      Orokin Reactor

Valefor (Europa)        Orokin Catalyst blueprint

Augustus (Mars)       300 Oxium

Epimetheus (Saturn)  Forma blueprint

Metis (Jupiter)           Orokin Catalyst

Lua (Earth)               10 R5 Fusion Cores

Saxix (Eris)              Forma

Ceberus (Pluto)        150k Credits

Undine (Sedna)         Argon Crystal

Histo (Eris)              10 R5 Fusion Cores


It got off to a rough start to say the least with 4 out of the 9 first alerts not yielding rewards, but it was resolved by the post script that sent the missing rewards to our inbox at a later point. Still frustrating for the people that ran the 3rd alert up to 10 times though with the same error each time.


I ran all alerts with my belowed Saryn (Miasma build) and she vaporized all opposition without a care in the world. The missions were basically exterminate with a bigger cluster of enemies packed into them. Some new tiles and the infested lab with the poor crewman in it. Always been a great fan of Alad V and his antics so his banter was the highlight of each mission for me. Kudos to the voice actor for a brilliant job.


I realize that I was in a forunate position to actually be able to do all alerts (skipped one Cosmic Specter for some sleep) but how about you guys?


*How many were you able to do?

*What do you think of the missions and it's difficulty?

*Which warframe did you use for the alerts?

*What do you think of the event in general?

*What is Alad V up to?






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I missed a lot of them seeing as I was working as well, really thought they would have waited until the weekend to release them.


Managed to grab a few of the credits alerts (which were doubled due to my booster :) ), one of the oxium ones, a few potates, 1 specter and 10 R5 fusion cores in total, maybe a forma but I can't remember.


I really liked the increase in the challenge, the hoardes of enemies were fun and gave me a good place to rank up my amprex.


Use a few frames to start with with mixed results, ended up settling on Saryn with Miasma build for the last few runs as I needed to speed through them as time was limited.


It's just a shame we know what the upcoming event is as we're about a month behind PC, but i'm looking forward to it anyway.

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I managed to hit the Oxium runs. That just saved me so much time on building my Zephyr. She's in the foundry and a day away from hitting my arsenal.

Grabbed plenty of Forma. Probably going to ramp up my Penta for the end game enimies. I kept trying to get scans of some of the Moa that looked slightly different but other Tenno were mowing them down too fast.

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