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Selling Prime Items For Platinum! (Organized List)

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Hello! i am selling some Prime items such as Blueprints, Weapon parts, and Warframe Prime Pieces. here is an organized list of items i have for sale. (not full set :/)


Prime Blueprints (prime):


Latron Prime Blueprint = 4p


BO Prime Blueprint = 23p


Mag Prime Blueprint = 4p


Weapon parts (prime):


Reaper Prime:

Handle = 6p

Blade (2 left) = 6p (each)

Blueprint = 5p


Full set = 17p

Latron Prime:

Stock (4 total) = 5p each

Barrel (2 left) = 4p each


Burston prime:

Stock = 6p


Warframe peices (prime [not full set])


Ember Prime:

Helmet = 8p


Rhino Prime:

Systems = 4p


Frost Prime:

Helmet = 11p

Chassis = 5p


PM me In-Game or Leave a reply here if you want to work out a deal! IGN: Moesashi_Angel_of_fire

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