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Theliset.com - U14 Official Hype Site - Updating Daily (It's Here Edition)

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probably six or seven like the U13 one


Looks like 5 max to me if you put them right next to each other



Though the way it scrolls they could fit in some more maybe. But in any case it means that if U14 is a wednesday update, the first image will go live tomorrow.

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It kinda looks like a normal gun set up into a makeshift turret. Going out on a stretch, they mentioned the new frame could turn the environment against your enemies, what if one of her powers is to turn dead enemies' weapons into little turrets?


Language of Letters, Upside down. Tilt it. Do it. Make every question count. 

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A countdownception?...


No...Not again...




Counter for Update 14.


Inside another counter for Update 14


inside another counter for Update 14 muahahaha

mr-burns-evil-laugh.png so it begins, muahaha



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So, if you missed primetime, there was a website announced, "TheLiset.com", which, ofc, you probably don't know how to spell if you just heard it(It's written on some obscure pieces of art, but otherwise, you'd never know).


It's the new teaser site.


Oddly, liset.com is actually available, but DE decided not to grab it. o.0


So far, it doesn't seem to do much, other than an off-cetner burst when you click the globe, and the ability to scroll around.


So, I guess this means that we'll be expecting it to count down to next week, when they'll install a timer that will then treat us with a glorious count down to the week after it... the only question is whether or not that will be followed by a new, third timer for the week after that! Possibilities are endless!


Of note, "liset" is apparently the name given to the mantid delivery vehicles we use, although it doesn't appear anywhere in the game itself right now.


So, I'm not sure why the website emulating the player ship has that tag, but perhaps they've decided to shift the name over? I guess we'll find out, but the art for the new mantids was what it was originally on.


Also, oddly, Rebecca got a text message from the Lotus(but... she is the Lotus? She texted herself? I don't....)....


Stranger yet, nobody was all that upset, despite the fact we all know that the Lotus's service provider sucks, so many people died in the process(Think about when she texts the twin queens: "We have to send a message to the grineer...") I guess that's what they have interns for, though?


Anywho, anyone found anything new on it yet? Anyone excited for the countdown of countdowns to other count downs? Anyone think we're still getting u13.9.3 next week?


EDIT: For your convienience: http://www.theliset.com/

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The "scrolling" area is relatively short...judging by the size of the first window I dont think that it's a countdown for a countdown...not after they #*($%%@ up so badly with U13...

And on last livestream they also mentioned that they wanted this week but it was too close...so 16th is just way too likely to not be it.

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I just checked and it doesn't do anything right now.  It let's you scroll from side-to-side, and there is a console looking thing on the left-hand side, but it just displays static.  I highly doubt they would do that U13 thing though, that was horrible.  It seems like they will release U14 next week.  Of course you probably know this already, and I'm just here rambling due to the hype in my system.

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