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Gameplay Suggestions


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DE, I'm sorry if it feels like I'm bossing you around


Here are some suggestions on the game:

-more interactive consoles

    I saw some hackable objects that spawns you 1 shockwave MOA, move a train to unblock a passage, or reset alarm.  It would be cool if we have more of these.

*we have a console to deactivate the shield seen in Invasion missions in any of the missions

*a console to unlock a secret passage

*a console to activate and turn turrets against Corpus and Orokin

*a console for random stuff/misc. (activate mining equipment, turn on MOA assembly line, trash disposal operating [idea from Shipyard tileset], etc.)

-more interactive scenery

    I thought, "What if more of these objects like reinforced glass, and containers exist." So I have ideas.

*you know those Infested tissues connected to the floor, wall, and ceiling?  destroying a part with the health bar will release AoE Toxin to all units, gas lingers for a few second (same goes for destruction of Toxin Injectors and I'm talking about the random Injectors scattered around, not the Sabotage target)

*add normal sized trees in Grineer forest with health bar.  only hitting with a melee weapon will damage it and tree will fall the opposite of melee damage inflicted, providing cover and harming in the way of its "timber"

*Corpus cabinets (I'll show a picture, if I can) will slide open when you press X providing cover

*Destroying the closet made of wires and tech (I'll show a picture, if I can) will shut off all lights in the room



More ideas coming, standby, static*

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new tileset:  Grineer city

planet:  Earth

  A post-aposcalypse city filled with rubble, unstable buildings, fire hazards, electric hazards, downed power lines, water puddles.  Sky could be cloudy, sunny, or filled with smoke towers

new tileset:  Corpus land station

planet:  Venus, Corpus mission Io on Jupiter

  A base set on a volcanic land with a yellowish, hazy sky with sun patches shining through.  Base is mixture of Corpus Ship tileset and some dusty floor and machinery.  Scenery volcanoes sometimes erupt.  Outside base have scenery lava.  Machines outside may look like devices reading lava status, and researching on it.

        *lighning in the sky on Venus

new suggestions:

-Kubrow will attempt to fix destroyed den

-have reinforced glass hazard on Grineer Galleon tileset

-have starfighters in scenery on Corpus-Grineer Invasion

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