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First Wave - A No Politics Ghost Clan


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We are a casual clan with no intent of ever having more than 10 members.  At present, we're hoping to recruit a few more decent / skilled players.  Below are the basic requirements for membership:

• Must be an adult (preferably 25 or older)
• Must be respectful to fellow clan members
• Must be a team player
• Must have a mic

We believe that the game should be fun and not feel like a second job.  That is why there is no official leadership structure in place.  Ideally, everyone can work together so that all can benefit.  Should any disputes occur, the expectation is that those involved will work it out between themselves.  That being said, I will remove anyone from the clan who insists on causing trouble.

We do have a clan dojo with a trading post, research labs (all items are unlocked), dueling room, obstacle course, and a few other non-interactive rooms.  However, there are almost no room decorations in place and it's doubtful we will ever build many.

If you're interested in joining, please respond to this post and I'll contact you when time allows.

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