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"matchmaking Ping" Slider Does Nothing.


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I have my max ping set to 200, yet it once 'n a while puts me in games with REALLY laggy hosts. As in doors don't even open or loot doesn't get picked up. Not just me either, the other players in the group have the same problem with the host.

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or the fact that ping is about number 5 on the list of things that will make a host lag for you.

It can be a nice indicator of whether or not you get lag, but the hosts hardware and upload have more to do with it than ping.


You can get a ping of 50 on friggen dial-up if someone is not that far away, likewise a 3mb DSL and a 100mb cable connection are both going to give less than 100 ping from quite a ways away.


That ping slider is damn near a placebo.

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Also possible that a host might be good while hosting 1 or 2 other players, but when more join, his upload can't keep up.


exactly this.

this goes doubly so with people on DSL connections as when the upload requirements reach ~70% of maximum the issues of saturation and MTU (maximum transmission unit) start to crop up. (1500 mtu is standard, however, DSL requires an 8-bit header so all DSL packets have to be recoded as 1492, which requires retransmission, and further exacerbates the problem)


these types of issues usually won't appear until the last user connects. at which point everybody suffers. (including the hosts as the warframe process will start to "freeze" and stutter trying to keep up) has very little to do with your pc speed, and far more to do with your maximum upload speed.


overall, the only real solution to this problem is for warframe to decrease the requirements for upload speed or allow players to limit the maximum number of possible client connections. (which have been advocated any number of times and DE doesn't seem to care)

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