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Shortcut For Hud(Less) Screenshot


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And no I am NOT talking about the setting in options - that is not enough.


What I'm requesting is a shortcut (or shift-state) to switch between HUD and HUDless screenshots momentarily,


i.e. if the setting is "display hud on screenshot = on", then pressing f6 would display HUD but shift+f6 would hide the HUD for that screenshot. Conversely, if the setting is off, then F6 would hide the hud but shift+f6 would show the hud for that screenshot.


This is kind of essential to me; i seriously would not go to options to toggle that setting off like 3 times a run.


(Posting this after seeing Rebecca being asked about a shortcut for HUDless screenshots on prime time, much to my disappointment from the response.)

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