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Very Frequent Crashes, Losing Progress


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Almost every time I play warframe now it crashes on me! It is very frustrating to lose the xp and items I get and be told I cannot have it restored because I was playing alone. I do not like playing with other players. They are too strong and finish the level before I get to do much or anything.

Just now I was doing an infested mission on earth and got neurodes. I need a lot of these and they do not drop often. I used a revive to make sure I got it when I left. I was in the extraction "room" and the game crashed! My screen went black but the sound was still playing. If I clicked, I would hear my shotgun fire a few seconds later. I tried to move my character to extraction and I heard myself extract but then the earth sounds kept playing anyway. I did not hear me go back to the main menu and the screen was still black. Then my screen started flashing over and over, so I tried to go back to the desktop and a few minutes later it worked and I got an error message from warframe. As with every time before I know this means it did not save and I lost my xp and neurodes.

I have been spending hours upon hours doing the same things over and over because I keep losing my xp and mods and materials. I don't see many reasons to keep trying.

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