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Good Weaponry Or Secondary



Hey i need help deciding on weapons what is probably the best primary for me because i rarely use my primary just good to have a great primary from all categories like shotgun rifel bow others 


For secondary i use in a moderately way but still whats the best secondary to use from all categories 


finally my favorite the melee i have been dominating with my nami skyla i maxed it out but i still think there is a better sword and with this i mean from all categories because i am a trophy hunter and this game is freaking awesome me and my friends been playing for about three days and we already have them we in a clan thats how we got our stuff really quickly.


so from all these things can you please answer the series of questions i asked i just want to get stronger

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I think the best, and certainly line I of my favoriert primary weapons s the bolt or prime, or if you don't want to farm for it, the phage is also really good. Secondaries, the (ak)magnus, marelock, and brakk if you can get it are all good choices, and the dark sword is a surprisingly good melee, because of innate radiation, and high process rate on the ground pound.

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If you're looking for raw damage output, the three strongest weapons are generally agreed to be the Boltor Prime, Brakk, and Dakra Prime. Then again, the game is a little more complicated than that, so there are weapons that many consider to be better but lack the raw damage of the three weapons I've just listed.


Other top-tier weapons include the Soma, Amprex, Penta, Phage, and Dread/Paris Prime for Primaries, the Marelok, Castanas, Angstrum, and Despair for Secondaries, and the Dual Ichor, Bo Prime, and Dragon Nikana for Melee weapons.

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These are all of my opinions


The best...

Rifle: Boltor Prime, Amprex, Penta

Shotgun: Phage, Boar Prime

Bow: Paris Prime, Dread

Sniper: AoE Lanka, Vectis (Snipers will get buffed in U14)

Secondary: Brakk (for DPS), Marelok (all-round use), Angstrum (AoE Explosions)

Melee: Dakra Prime (must have Crimson Dervish on, highest dmg per hit w/ Melee out), Dual Ichors (high atk. spd. and crits), Dragon Nikana (all-around use)


Note: I ordered everything with multiple choices from most to least favorite.

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thanks everyone for all your answers i am gonna try this week to get better swords first because i love melee then secondary then primary also i know in games nerving a weapon is bad so is buffing it good? smh I'm new and improving every second me and my friends play.


Also CrimsonShinku if you play ps4 and you ever wanna play add me its Lukeoffirebeast since you on ps4 if not its cool

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