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Sentinels Weapons Cannot Install Used Mods?


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Why am I getting a message saying that there is a problem with sentinels' weapons have mods that are already equipped on other weapons and then gives me the option to uninstall them? Why can't the sentinel weapons use the same pool of mods? I'm not going to upgrade duplicates specifically for sentinel weapons. Where is the logic in sentinels even having energy to spend on mods if you are forced to go out of your way to upgrade duplicates instead of using those mods you already have which are leveled up? This makes no sense to me.

Is this to be fixed? Anyone know anything about this?

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They may revisit this. Its less of an issue for primaries, because you can just have sweeper on your sentinel when you have a rifle, or when you have a shotgun eqquipeed, equip any of the other rifle sentinel weapons.

Shad'es burst laser uses pistol mods, and when it conflicts it becomes a serious problem, because I obviously wont unequip my pistol just so I can have a sub-par sentinel gun doing almost nothing.


Luckily the deconstructor (melee mods) doesn't have this conflict issue, which is a step in the right direction if you ask me :)

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