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Help Me Find Color.




my favorite weapon is hands down the latron prime,but im not a fan of the gold/white prime theme or any of the free colors.

so i would like too go with a older looking style with it kinda like a thompson machine gun and would love too know if there's a wood looking color i could use for the stock and a color looking as close too steel as possible for the body.

also any suggestion of color that could go with that theme would be awesome.


on top of that im trying too go with a abomination route with saryn,i made her growths look pretty dam close too actual fungus.all i need now is a flesh looking color for her main chunk of body.like with latron if anyone can point me towards a good fleshy color that would be great.


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If you look at the Latron Prime Stock closely, you can see it's a very dark wood-like color.  I'm not sure where you could find a steel looking color though, maybe check out the Shadow or whatever-its-called color pack, although I hope you know you can't change the gold coloring.  As for the Saryn I think I remember seeing a flesh-like color in the Twilight pack, but I can't check because I'm not at home right now.  Anywho, I wish you luck with your coloring endeavor.

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If you want to Latron Prime to have a wood look, use an orange colour. I think I used one in the Halloween pack. If you put a lighter colour on there instead of the black, you will see the wood grain marks, just like what the above poster said.

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