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Shouldnt Deep Freeze Have...


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...  +15% per rank Cold Damage and when fully maxed +90%.


Just a thought, because the other cold damage elemental mods on rifles , shotguns and melee weapons have +15% per rank and fully ranked +90% Cold Damage.So should it or shouldnt it have?


What do you fellow Tenno think?





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The 60%-single-stat ones should have been buffed more than 9 months ago... but that's the same as with the single-stat Status Chance mods.



They could have buffed that stuff back when they added the past event mods... I don't believe there's was no time for a change that could have been done in like 5 minutes.


I believe that the mods are left being sh*t compared to the Dual-Stat mods on purpose so people are encouraged to get the Dual-Stat mods either during Events or by trading. The later meaning DE makes a nice little cut.

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