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New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

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My Submission:




Ayane from Dead or Alive


Pretty hard to show her trademark, the purple hair, but I managed to give her some kunais and the dual heat swords at least closely resemble her Fuma Kodachi.


Not to forget that my clan logo is exactly the same as the one she from her clan :)

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YqFahFo.jpg mUTjp3o.jpg


My interpretetation of a Jetstream Sam cosplay.

Note that the build itself it also heavily Jetstream/MGR general based, so it plays like him aswell, employing great jumping power, heavy slash dashes, lifesteal, and bullet deflecting.


Trivia: The Grustrag Three attacked me just after I took the screenie and they got their butts handed to them Jetstream style.

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