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Dowg Is Recruiting!


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DOWG is a well established clan 4 years and counting. DOWG welcomes gamers of all skill levels, providing both a casual and competitive gaming experience to its members.We have a small group of guys who play warframe and we are here to get some more warframe players. We are on PS4 PS3 XBOXONE/360 and pc we do not have a warframe pc clan yet. We play most games Battlefield is the most dominate game we play we also have a cod division and most other popular games. We will be playing Destiny when it comes out and that is when we expect out active members to sky rocket again the past few years games were not that good which lead to member loss for lack of interesting games. Our Dojo now has all the labs and all research will be done within a week of posting this. We do have an age limit of 17 but if you feel you are mature and are under 17 we can go down to 15. 


How to join.

You can either send me a message on this site by clicking on my name and sending me a message or on PSN.

In the message just let me know you have applied to our site.

Apply to DOWG here http://dowg.net/appmember 

Select member at the top and under the 

{How did you find out about Dogs of War Gaming? If someone referred you, please indicate whom in the space below.}

You can put me down regal_domain 

Once accepted make and intro post make contact with me their also.


I hope to see you in our lovely solar system sometime soon. 


A Bit more about us http://www.dowg.net/page/32400/recruitment?gid=73093-0 

We do have lots of events and we will be doing special things in warframe soon. For example a GFX contest for our emblem 


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