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Fatality Gaming Uk Is Recruiting .... Join Our Community Today !


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Clan Info:


Fatality Gaming Uk was established in July 2014 with one aim to achieve and that is to create an exciting and friendly gaming environment where all members who are passionate about gaming can have fun and a laugh no matter what kind of player He or She is.



We are a new clan but that should not stop you from joining, all players welcome


Our Dojo has all research rooms plus alot of research has already been done ,members just have to replicate the item.


Obstacle Course.




And many more....


We are part of an active alliance


We believe in supporting other clan members & expect the same in return. If you need help on a solo mission than just ask and we will gladly help and the same applies to items you may need via the trading post.



How to join:


You can either send me a message here / register at our website or contact me via psn

Once accepted make and introduction post on the forum.


Psn: UnleashUk   /   ashleyere


Clan Name: Fatality Gaming Uk


Website: www.fatalitygaming.uk


Facebook: www.facebook.com/fatality.uk


Requirements :

  • Be Active on website
  • Enjoy just having fun
  • Mutual respect for team members.
  • A functioning  microphone for communication (does not matter if you do not have one)
  • No Trash Talking among each other/Racism/Threatening/Over-Cursing
  • No Rage-Quitting/Clan Hopping
  • No hacking, boosting, or trolling
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yea thats what im trying to do, My idea for fatality gaming is for it to be a community for ps4 players as well. If you use the sharefactory / screengrabs can show them off on the site. that part is nearly ready to go live i have some screengrabs and clips put together with sharefactory on usb stick ready to upload once it is.


things take time just have to be patient.


ill take a look. cheers

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