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[Warframe] Vyper, Stealthy Shapeshifter


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Bad english inc!!!
But i've made some pictures :D

I dont want to talk about her stats, cuz that's something,
we should be able to test out ingame, in some kind of beta. 
Maybe Health/Shield/Energy/Speed/Armor could be pretty equal to Loki's stats.

Here are some pictures:

I know, a cameleon would fit her skills more than this snake-helmet, but... thats just ugly.

Her abilities:

Blinds enemys in front of Vyper (aoe=cone)
Strength: -
Duration: 7-15 scnds
Range: Mid-Range
E-Costs: 10

Some kind of fast crawling as a wave of energy over mid ranges,
to avoid dmg and stunning enemeys wich touches the wave.
Or just to reach enemys, to be able to use "Snap"
Strength: low-dmg
Duration: 2-4 scnds
Range: Mid-range
E-Costs: 25

Execution of a single target in a short range (own animationset, she should use her fang-thumbs to do this).
If it kills your Enemy, he should disapear (like targets in capture missions) and Vyper should look like the killed enemy for X seconds,
able to use her skills and executions but not her weapons. 
Using weapons should stop the illusion of beeing the killed enemy,
jumps, runs, wallruns, slides etc will interrupt it.
Could do poison-dmg over time or a armor/speed debuff, if the enemy survives.
Or he is marked somehow and get's more dmg from you and your mates (like nova's increased dmg).
Maybe stackable?
Strength: Execution
Duration: ?
Range: Short-Range / Melee-Range
E-Costs: 75

places a static field of aoe-stealth.
Nice to hide and regenerate for a while,
ress your mates, acting like an invisible sniper
or for waiting until ou are able to actiate "Snap"
Strength: Number of Stealth-bubbles (1 unmodded, max. ?)
Duration: ?
Range: Short radius around Vyper, but static
E-Costs: 100

Im really sorry for my broken english :(
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