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Ceres Tileset Clipping Issue.


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Hi, I was just on Hapke, on Ceres(Shipyards). I was on the tile set with the conveyor belt and the metal pressers, me and my friend were messing about with them, they are fun!

 Then I went to look for loot rooms, and found a generation where a door generated half way up a wall and left a massive hole in the floor. This allowed us to jump out and see the edges of all of the meshes and textures, then upon jumping into the 'void' to respawn, we were spawned on top of the Sky Box, and could see the entire tileset from the outside, I am not as impressed by the massive sky now as I see it is like a cardboard box... Anyways, we were stuck outside the tileset, there are a few spots where you can jump down and respawn in the actual tileset, this worked for me but not my friend. It just gave him the option to respawn or forfeit. 


I hope I have given enough details for you to correctly pin the tileset and fix this issue.


Thanks for the time, 



There are some screenshots on my Steam profile, for further help --

My steam name is The Aura Tree,

and my picture is of David Attenborough.

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