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Loki Bug?

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So I was playing T4 survival, with 2 friends using Loki was popping invis, radial disarm then when I came out of invisibility, it was like the enemies was not alert that I was present, even though was not invisible, this allowed me to perform stealth attacks while not cloaked! this bug happened around the 35, 40 min mark in T4 survival last night. I will try to reproduce this tonight when I get on, and would like to know if anyone else has experienced this? I think this would be a really bad bug for the game if i can reproduce, especially with the amount of Lokis playing at the moment.

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This could be due to lagging heavily. If not, I'm not sure what you encountered.


this ^ 


It won't look like you're lagging, but you were. Had this happen to me allot when WF first came out. You won't see yourself lagging, just enemies not alerted to your presence, you won't be picking up mods as fast, and you'll realize you're out of ammo quick because you're not picking up ammo off the ground. You have stand there like 10 seconds to pick up anything. 

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