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Mission Bug Report Guidelines - Please Read


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Bug reports are the key to identifying and fixing issues in Warframe. We rely on our forums heavily for identification of bugs affecting Tenno in the field. To improve on our ability to act on bugs, there are some steps you can take to help us keep the forum organized. This will help our team to prioritize fixes, allowing us to serve the community where we are needed most. Before posting on the bug forums, please read the following guidelines:

1) Search! Check to see if your bug has already been reported using our search function within the appropriate bug forum. If the issue has been reported previously, please comment on that thread instead of making a new one. In addition, certain problems like missing loot can only be solved by opening a support ticket.
2) Separate! If you have found multiple bugs, please separate them into one bug per thread. Even if the same item/ability/etc. is affected by multiple issues, keep them separated unless they are closely linked, or the same bug can be recreated in two or more ways.
3) Specify! Make sure that your thread title is informative, indicating:
a. Which element(s) of the game are affected
b. How the bug affects these elements

Helpful title examples:
Missing Tile in Corpus Spaceship (Mars – Martialis)
End of Mission Stats Show Too Many Credits
Enemy Stuck Inside Wall During Grineer Shipyard Interception, Unable to Complete
Unhelpful title examples:
Weird/Awesome/Gamebreaking Bug
Uhhh, So This Happened...
DE, This Bug Needs To Be Fixed NOW!!!!


Ensure that your bug report includes as much evidence and details as possible, and that the report is made in the proper section. Screenshots taken with F6 are especially helpful for reports referencing specific map locations. If you know how the bug is reproduced, be sure to include that information as well.

Thank you for helping us make Warframe the best game it can be!

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