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Hmm,here and a long time Rhino iron skin is not  covering(coating) the armor pieces -will u guys do anything about it!?

and yea badges still sit wrong on daedalus and  edo armor sets!(cuz u guys fixed the badges to the old armor positions and then u decided to tweak armor positions  and now the badges are a bit wrong!)

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Fixed a number of sorting options not working correctly in the Codex.


To be fair, I was disgruntled by this by such a long time now as this has not been addressed ever since. And considering this smelled like a simple save-state, I was not quite sure why it would be so hard, but well. Sometimes things are a thing. As I've heard about U14, I hoped that it would be fixed come it's inception.

Seeing this note now made me raise my eyebrows in surprise, immediately jumping into the game to test for myself.


Sadly, I was disappointed again. The preferred selection is still not saved.


It still always sticks to "Rank" on Warframes even if I pick "name", still sticks to "Scans" even if I pick "Name". It does not matter if I log out to "save", or jump into the dojo to "save" or get into a mission to "save". It just doesn't matter at all :(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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