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Suspicious Shipments, Redux!

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PS4 Tenno,


While the regular Suspicious Shipments alerts have ended and we know Alad V is up to no good, we at DE would like to further make up for the blunder that occurred with 4 of the original Alerts.


For 24 hours on July 12th (Starting at 12 Noon EDT to July 13th @ Noon EDT), we will be re-running the 4 alerts that did not work on PS4.


You will find the following rewards available via separate Suspicious Shipments during the 24 hour window:


1) 10x R5 Core

2) Orokin Reactor

3) Cosmic Specter

4) Forma.


Enjoy, and thank you for your patience!

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Sweet Jeebus, that's awesome. I missed most of the SuspShips due to a combination of fatigue from the Steam summer sale and a nearly week-long hangover from July 4th. I sure am glad I hopped onto the forums just now. My original plan was to just drink today away, but now I got some things to do. 

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