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How Do I Get To Face The Reaper



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I'm thinking this isn't Stalker (which would have been 'Creeper,' or some such quasi-synonym) but instead the Harvester.


To rouse the Harvester, you must fight against the Corpus when there is a Grineer/Corpus battle (an Invasion/Siege).  This entails supporting the Grineer 5 times at a single node.  You might get an Inbox message from Alad V afterwards.  Then run Corpus missions until Zanuka shows.  It is, supposedly, best to do this with others sharing the same mark.  The 'Recruiting' chat window can be of great help in such matters.

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smh feel stupid thanks for the answers also what does he drop because i hear he drops dread and a lot of good stuff

You'll definitely want the dread. if you can kill the stalker and obtain the dread *which drops commonly. You'll have an early top tier bow. High crit chance and a high status chance with the added side bonus of having a the least bow drop of its class. Great weapon to have in your arsenal. 

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