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Mastery Test (13 To 14) Failed Because Enemies Would Not Spawn.


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So I finally got around to getting myself to the end of MR13, and decided to take the test to get to MR14. I started the mission, and noticed that I could make my character run around during the opening "cutscene" where Lotus tells me what I have to do. I killed every enemy in the first wave, and waited for it to start the next wave. It was taking a while, so I decided to start wallrunning up the pillars in the level. About halfway up one of the pillars, my screen flashed white and said the next wave was starting.


So I drop down and look around for enemies... But nothing spawned. I ran everywhere I was supposed to be able to go, and a few places I suspect that I wasn't supposed to go (Tops of the pillars, etc.) but no enemies spawned anywhere. No AoE attacks hit anything, no enemy sounds were heard, nothing. I was forced to abort the mission after searching and waiting and searching again, without finding a trace of any enemy. Now I have to wait 24 hours because it bugged out on me.



Oh well, back to farming for Orokin Cells to get the last of those Primes built...

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