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Welcome To The Beloved End - Update! Beta Site Up!


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check our site!



I aim to creat a fun and easy gong enviorment for new players which is focusd on showing them the ropes and getting them into the comunity; while at the same time catering to serious players with a fire for solar rail control, i will be taking rails once we have grown enough and making there use more friendly to all players but lowering credit tax and eliminating resource taxes all together.




 I do not tolerate fighting within the clan between ANY members, if you have a problem please come to me and i will take care of it


i would prefer you keep cursing to a minimum in clan chat as we could have younger members joining


skype is not mandatory but i am always on it when im online and it is a great way to comunicate


members who have been offline for 30 days will be removed unless confirmed prior to leave, if you wish to re join once your active again just re post in here


you must respect the authority of those higer than you


if you need any help just ask, if i dont answer send me a tell and i will reply as soon as i can





1: Einherjar, the beginning. those chosen to join enter as einherjar where they prove themselves

(no permissions)

2: Asendant, those who prove worthy are given the chance to grow further, and help us grow as well

(invite, host dojo)


3: Arbiter, having shown loyalty and proven helpful to others

(+treasurer, tech)


4: Judge, after great contribution and loyalty, 10p bonus*



5: Dyne, through continually upholding our standards and growing ranks 20P bonus*



6: Seraph, a rank givin to those i trust like moderaters in my absence 30p bonus*

(+Architecht, tactician)


7: Norn, with every 200 members through a vote by your fellow peers you become a second leader with absolute authority under me



*upon acheving this rank given by me only, and not through annother member with promoting power you will recive a sum of platinum equal to the rank.








any questions? just ask!


post your join request in this forum please and i will respond as soon as i can!

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I'd like to join, but can ya tell me first how complete is the dojo?

i literally started yesterday, i have the first grand hall being made, (it has 23hrs left) and i have the stuff for the next hall but i cant add it till this one is done, i want to put all of the reasearch labs in one area so i wont add those till the 3rd hall with the 4 doors

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I am interested in this clan and while I may not have much in resources I am a veteran player and can provide advice on combat and solar rails.

well i would love to have you, and i dont expect you to soley fund everything or anything for that matter we will grow and expand together!

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Hi I am quite sorry about this but I was trying to view my profile and clicked the wrong button and left the clan.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me an invite back.

Thanks for reading my request.

lol its okay ill send one in just a bit

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cousin and i are looking for a clan to join. Have any room for us?

absolutely! have him post here and ill send the inv

for some reason the publisher is hiccuping and un publishing my site, heres a beta site


is the event page taking a long time to load for anyone?

fixed the event page load time

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