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Charging Antimatter Drop



I wanted to know how Nova users charge their anti-matter drops. I read that it was one of her top two abilities so I wanted to test it out. "Inb4: you have to shoot it" I can't even say how many times i've been told that while asking for help in game. I have built and tried several weapons including: dread, boltor prime, penta, akvasto, hikou, despair, twin gremlins, soma, flux rifle, drakgoon, latron prime just to name a few. Every time I shoot it a bunch and guide it to a group of enemies especially in the void it barely makes a dent in their health, armor, or shields. Is this power meant to be paired with molecular prime? I know that will increase the damage because of the +200% but even when I tried that I got the same result. If anyone has any tips or tricks that they use it would be more than appreciated. Thank You 

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in a laggy match, or even just in matches in general, sometimes when i boost my Cannonballs, they don't get boosted.


doesn't usually happen though. for me, atleast. only happens once in a while unless the match is quite laggy.



some important points however:


- Cannonballs do not calculate Crits. Crit based Weapons are terrible for boosting.

- deals Radiation Damage. any Damage you shoot it with is taken at numerical value, no bonuses or resistances, and all Damage your Cannonball deals on explosion is Radiation.

has a decent Status Chance, though.

- Damage will be Absorbed from all incoming sources, including other Cannonballs - except for MPrime. Damage from those Explosions does not boost this Power.

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Try a charge shot from the Lanka.




I haven't bothered maxing Lanka yet so my damage on AMD is pretty low or so I'm told.



You could always do AMD chains where you send an AMD ball just before the previous ball explodes, which stacks the damage from the first ball onto the second (multipliers and all).  Exponential damage increase.


Or if you really get annoyed you can do an AMD Spiral of Doom.



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I don't know how many people are having the issue that AMD only works properly when the host of the party is Nova. I really think AMD should be fixed cause honestly Mp sucks on T4 def for just 20 wave AMD the real damage in in AMD i noticed this bug on patch 13.3 and has still not been addressed.

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