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A Problem With Specters



So here's my problem. I've done rescue missions and received specter bp's as rewards, the highest being Force ones. At the beginning of the forging, I'm prompted for a build (frame, primary, etc), right? Now here's my problem. I received 10 Cosmic specters as reward for that recent (for us PS4 users) special delivery (or whatever it was called) event.  No blueprint, and not having built them before, I can't give a build, and the fields are empty when I view them. They show up in my Inventory, but not as a selectable Gear item...

So, how to fix this? Obviously I want to see them in my Gear, and hopefully be able to give a build too.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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When you craft a specter in your foundry it takes a snapshot of the items you have equipped, this does not include cosmetics or mods.

To reach the highest conclave for your loadout, select an unused ABC slot and hit auto-equip


Go to your foundry and choose the specter you wish to craft and make it.


They are worth the resources if you have them to spare and adds some nice relief when you are starting to become swamped


Edit: Cosmics are very expensive and I recommend you run some lower level rescue 2.0 missions and test them with some vapor specters first


Equip them (when they finish crafting) in the gear select

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