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Nova's Worm Hole Caused Teleporting Outside Of The Level


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I was playing on Aegaeon - Saturn just now and used Nova's Worm Hole ability to get from the doorway to extract (aiming the wormhole in the area highlighted on this pic (not my own photo - purely using it for highlighting purposes only.)) 1yVDt2b.jpg



As a result myself and 3 of the players were teleported through the wall and into space effectively.. falling outside the level eventually dying. The photo below was all I could really capture while I was falling.



I don't believe this is the first time it has happened to me, thought I should bring it to DE's attention =)


Edit: Added Planet

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It has happened since nova released I think. On some of the levels outside (ice planet, forest etc) you can simply aim above the mountains / trees and voila you're out. It has something to do with the level design and in your case the location it throws you out of the wormhole. if they'd simply spit you out 1 meter before the wormhole ends it would fix your case.







"I bet you can't stick it."


Gotta love that referance :D

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