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Void/derelict Question



Does the derelict have any better mods that drop from enemies? The void is all Vacuum and Thumper, it's actually a bit ridiculous.


I'm not even gonna go to the derelict if it has the same garbage mods that drop from enemies honestly.


I know about vaults don't bother explaining.


Also, further clarification, I don't mean super ultra Rare planets align mod drops, I mean the common mod drops. Are they just Sentinel garbage like the void?

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Don't think of mods (rare or otherwise) as associated with a particular tileset - think of mods in a faction associated way. For instance, if I want to farm Firestorm or Brutal Tide, I know I need to kill lots of Toxic Ancients to get them, so obviously I need to put myself in an area that spawns lots of them such as Orokin Derelict Defense - but it goes without say that's not the only location in the game they spawn at.

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in the regular void only corrupted enemies appear.


in the derelict (excluding defense) the initial faction is always infested, but grineer can also appear searching for the artifact.

after you get the artifact (NOT open the vault), all enemies will be corrupted



a little off topic:

so the easiest way to do vault runs is exterminate, kill all the infested, and then get the art, so you won't have to fight the corrupted at all. however, when the grineer appear, open the vault first, so the grineer will be replaced by corrupted, which are easier to fight (especially when you modded your weapons for corrosive, which is good against ancients and heavy gunners too, but not the alloy armored grineer)


when you just want to have fun in the most beautiful tileset the game can offer at this time, and also have diversity in the factions faced, just do the mission, and when you find the vault, open it. Having different dragon keys equipped makes all this more challenging/fun

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