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Wts Mods & Primes For 5 Plat + Arcane Helmets

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The new Warframe is finally coming and I'm gonna need plat for a slot/reactor, so, yeah, cheap sale.


Arcane helmets:

-Menticide Nyx (20p)



-Enemy Radar

-Energy Siphon (out of stock)



-Rifle Amp

-Rifle Scavenger

-Shield Disruption

-Sniper Scavenger

-Speed Holster

-Steel Charge



-Burning Wasp

-Clashing Forest

-Cleaving Whirlwind

-Seismic Palm


Prime parts/blueprints:

-Akbronco bp

-Ankyros bp

-Boar receiver

-Bo ornament

-Boltor barrel

-Boltor stock

-Bronco bp

-Burston barrel

-Dakra handle

-Ember helmet

-Ember chassis

-Fang blade

-Frost helmet

-Frost chassis

-Latron bp

-Latron stock

-Lex barrel

-Paris lower limb

-Reaper bp

-Rhino systems

-Sicarus bp

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