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Metal Elemental (Very Different From Rhino)


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Name: Ferrum




Ability 1: Metal Weight Effect

Targeted enemy is suddenly slowed down by a certain percentage plus his armor. Plus, a few clips of magazine falls from the foe, dropping on the ground.

Energy Cost: 25


Power: Increases slow percentage and number of magazine clips falling.

Duration: Effects the duration (duration should be maximum 4 seconds are somehting like that)

Range: Does not apply. 


Ability 2: Barricade Forge

Ferrum seperates strong metalic particles from the ground and creates a semi-melted riot shield held in front of him by his arm. For the next few seconds, any damage it absorbs is multiplied by a certain percentage and then added to the shield's total health. At the end of the duration, the shield solidifies and then actually takes damage. Shield lasts until cancelled or destroyed. Shield can be put down, turning into a barricade, and can be held up again. Warframe suffers an accuracy penalty while using the shield. Only one shield can be on the map at a time. Punch through can still hit Ferrum.

Energy Cost: 50 energy


Power: Effects the multiplication of damage received and turned into health in the first few seconds.

Duration: Effects how long the shield is half-melted (the time where it gains health from enemy/ally damage)

Range: Does not apply.


Ability 3: Outer Kingdom.

Metals are Ferrum's kingdom, inside or outside. Using his will, he can multiply his ally's armor AND make it effect shields too, all while damaging enemies by manipulating their own armor. 

Energy Cost: 20 energy, 9 energy per second.


Power: Increases damage and ally armor multiplication.

Duration: N/A

Range: Increases range of ability.


Ability 4: Inner Kingdom

Ferrum unleashes his inner world onto the outer world. Metallic swords, guns and everything you can imagine appears, while enemy weapons are ripped from their hands (range 5m?), all controlled by one mind. Enemies with their weapons stolen run away to a locker and gets a new gun.

In other words, this Warframe summons a certain amount of weapons (random) and also steals enemy's weapons, using them against them. If there is no enemies in range, it will still summon weapons. 

Energy Cost: 25 energy, 12 energy per second.


Power: Increases damage dealt by the weapons summoned (calculated by doing something with maximum modded weapon damage and the base weapon damage). 

Duration: Increases number of weapons summoned.

Range: Weapon Range, and weapon-stealing range (very short)

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I could get behind this idea, as long as the 2nd skill gets replaced.

What's so bad about the second one? 

Trinity's Blessing work by giving a higher damage reduction the lower your health is. At 0.4% health or lower, it gives you full invincibility. 

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Well the second ability needs to go for obvious reasons, that's a big no-no. The first skill is waaaaaay to strong for a 1, that's a 2 or a 3 at least. Also, if you could make it a little clearer on how exactly the shield works, that would be cool. The fourth skill...I can't really tell what's happening there. Do the guns shoot at people? Does it only work when enemies are around?

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