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Arcane Helmet List: Do You Have These?


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So I was looking around and since I am MR 15, all the weapons maxed (except founders, and a few event ones) My goal is to spend the plat I have on Arcanes and get all of them. 


Unfortunately for me, I already had most of these so I am just checking to see if I missed any. I will post all that I have, and if I am missing any, list them so I can buy it.


My Goal? Be the best duh! lol seriously, I want to hoard as much stuff as possible until the game goes live so I can brag about it later. 


So here is what I have in Alphabetical order: Originally was gonna type, but now that I found Technology, Pic bra. So, what Am I missing?



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"tell me if I missed out on some"

Nice excuse for showing of...

You could have just checked the wiki on arcane helmets

Anyway... I hope the price will rise so that I'll be able to sell them for 500 plats per piece... And more

There is no wiki for Arcane helms... I mean it has a 3pg gallery but it has Hydroids in it as well, so i do nt think its viable!

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