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Channel Toggle Problem?


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Today I made one melee weapon build to use channel, and I was getting really annoyed that when Im pressing left mouse and my energy pool ends, the channel stop, and when I get back energy It still off.. I have to release the button and press it again. (imagine it with Rage, that u get like 5 energy every 1 second, u have to spam left button..)


After that I remembered there is a Toggle Channel at options, So I got it, but it have same effect, it un-toggle when my energy empties.


Is this intentional? I don't see any use for channel toggle if not for channel build, and having to retoggle every second is not really the way a toggle should work at my eyes. So I'm reporting it as a bug (because I think its one)

Any opinions?

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So you don't think a toggle should work like a light switch?


EDIT: Hold on, do you know how melee channeling works?


Yes, I know. The thing is, when u toggle something It is supposed to remain toggled until u untuggle it. This is the 1st time ever I see a toggle auto-untoggling.

try a high hp frame with Rage and a channel build with lifesteal. U wont die (unless an ancient jams), but u have to keep toggling channel on, which makes no sense at all

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