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"downed" Glitch


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OK so this one happened on a Derelict Defense mission i used Oberon's renewal when he was at ~70 health. with a mob coming in.it began to take effect (affect? grammar nazi's help me out here) as 3 or 4 infested began wailing on me. the result was i was "downed" but because the healing of renewal was happening i stayed alive, no death countdown. 


I could crawl around and fire only secondary as if downed but eventually regained full health. Glitch was fixed by allowing ancient infested to "down" me then teammate revived.


has this happened to anyone else? 


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 (affect? grammar nazi's help me out here)

Well, since you asked.


Affect - The object affects me.

a verb of the noun effect. it's active.


Effect - This effect is bad.

A noun, followed by an adjective.


more examples


Affect - Drugs affect you badly


Effect - the effects of drugs are bad. 


"Grammar nazi's" should be written "Grammar nazis" because nazis is a noun that isn't followed by another noun.

e.g - grammar nazi's clock would be correct. 

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