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(Re-Worked) Fan Concept: Equity The Light/dark Warframe!


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Hello! i have already posted a topic like this one in the past and i decided to rework the entire project to compensate for some issues that people had pointed out,


now you may be wondering who/what is equity? what does it do? what are its powers? well let me tell you, equity is a warframe concept i came up with where there are basically two different sets of powers in one warframe! may sound strange but let me explain a bit later here!



-Health: 150/350

-Shields: 100/300

-Armor: 100

-Energy: 150/250

-Sprint speed: 1.5


   So let me explain a few things here... Equity has 4 seprate powers just like every warframe; however, each of those powers can be toggled between light and dark abilities. Whats the difference between those two power sets you might ask? well it's simple... Light is set up to be a support power that has abilities such as healing, Dark is an evil damaging power that uses more energy than light and has no supportive features in it


(for instance power#2 will only cost 50 energy if its set to light and will cost 60 energy if set to dark) 




#1 Reversal: (power usage Light 25, Dark 30) what this power does is that it toggles between the selection of light and dark powers. if switching to light from dark equity will have a large burst of light appear from his chest doing a little damage to enemies nearby. when switching back to dark from light equity will have swirls of darkness coming towards him at all sides surrounding him untill his power switches, this will do more damage to surrounding enemies than switching to light from dark but costs 5 more energy to use


#2 Gleam/dark blast: (power usage Light 50, Dark 60) when light is selected Equity will use gleam, when using gleam equity will send out a very short ranged pulse that will increase the shields of other tenno (within range of the pulse) the amount shields will increase varies from strength of the mod (10%20%50%).


If dark is the selected power equity will use dark blast, gathering darkness from his surroundings equity will unleash a dark orb from his palm, it will glide towards one enemy and explode in a large dark explosion on contact


#3 Alleviate/Dark swirl: (power usage Light 75, Dark 90) When light is the selected power Equity will use alleviate when using this power equity will charge and reaease a beam of light that heals a nearby ally that they have targeted (cursor needs to be somewhat on target in order for this power to be used) [optional feature to alleviate] when used on a downed warframe will reset his bleed out timer (for in case you can't get to them in time to revive them ).


When dark is the selected power equity will use dark swirl charging by using the darkness surrounding him any and all lights will break (much like when the volt uses overload) darkness will reach up into equity's palm and he will unleash a blast of darkness that will appear at an enemies feet realeasing itself into a large swirl of darkness that does damage to the target and any other enemies surrounding him. 


#4 Intense light/ banish (power usage Light 100, Dark 150) when light is the selected power equity will use intense light using all his strength he will produce a large glowing orb above his head, any enemies that come into close quarters with equity at this point will flee (much like the nekros terrify) in addition any allies close enough to equity will very slowly regenerate health while the power is active


when dark is the selected power equity will use banish, using a large amount of energy equity will unleash a dark torrent that slowly takes shape in the form of a black hole, any enemies unfortunate enough to be close to the dark torrent will be sucked inside and banished to the void (the black hole works like the vaubans vortex ability however if an enemy dies whilst being sucked into the black hole their body will vanish, this does not suck in boss enemies but instead will do damage to them while they stand near it, if an enemy is not killed by the time the black hole disperses they will simply be ejected outside of it with damage taken accordingly)


things that i'm well aware will be mentioned to me about this warframe include how a warframe cant have more than four powers but the way this works is that on the same mod like the volts shock power for instance their will be two powers listed and in order to switch from one to another you need to have the appropriate amount of energy when using the first power.


sadly enough i'm not very good at making concept art for anything. but i will try my best to put some art up on this post (or a post in the future) to give everybody a general idea of what this warframe looks like; however, if anybody would like to post their own art for this warframe they are more than welcome to because i am open for anything. 


Thank you for checking out my concept and i wish the best of luck for your own!

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This is a great concept, sadly I believe it's a bit overpowered in the context of this game. By overpowered I don't mean too damaging or too much CC, I mean it's effective in a wider range of situations than a normal frame. When you see frames getting hated on for being OP, it's usually because they're useful in a wide variety of situations and cannot be easily countered.


With 7 (technically) abilities, This frame can heal, support, deal damage, CC, and camp a pod. There's pretty much no situation in which taking this frame would be a bad idea, and almost no enemies, or bosses for that matter, that could conceivably counter someone playing this frame.

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