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Bazookagofer's Shop Of Horrors

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Want to Sell:



-Cleaving Whirlwind

-Arrow Mutation

-Flow (x4)

-Hammer Shot

-Ice Storm (Rank 3)


-Iron Pheonix

-Pistol Ammo Mutation(x2)

-Metal Auger



-Rifle Ammo Mutation

- Shred

-Split Chamber

-Steady Hands

-Thunderbolt (x2)

-Stunning Speed (Rank 2)


-Clashing Forest

-Enemy Radar

-Burning Wasp (x4)

- Fracturing Wind(x4)

-Grim Fury


Blueprints and Parts:

-Paris Prime Blueprint

-Ankyros Prime Blueprint

-Akbronco Prime Blueprint

-Fang Prime Blueprint

-Ember Prime Helmet (x3)

-Boltor Prime Stock

-Burston Prime Stock

-Latron Prime Receiver

-Lex Prime Barrel

-Reaper Handle

-Paris Prime Lower Limb

- Sicarus Prime Blueprint

- Wyrm Prime Blueprint


PM offers to Bazookagofer. Thank you have a nice day.

Edited by Bazookagofer
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