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Some Questions About Status



How does it work exactly? Like, will slash procs activate if my status probability is high?

If that's the case, will blast and other status activate the same way? Also, what percentage of status is considered high enough for a proc build or can proc fairly often?

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Yes, slash/puncture/impact procs are based on proc chance as well.

(Which is a reason status chance isn't as used as it otherwise might be.)


What chance is good depends on the weapon.

The more shots that hi the target per second, the less chance you need to have one of them proc.

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When you get a Status proc off of a weapon, it picks one psuedo-randomly based off of the damage your weapon does, and it's weighted slightly by damage values.

In less confusing talk, higher Slash damage than Puncture damage usually means you get more Slash procs (Bleed) than Puncture procs (Weaken). Elemental procs, like Corrosive (-- Armor) or Fire (damage over time), have a lower chance than physical procs (Impact, Puncture, Slash).


As far as Status builds go, it's entirely up to you. Many weapons with high Status chances also work well for pure damage builds  and vice versa. Just play around with stuff, try out different builds, and find what works for you. Honestly, the only things I use Status builds on are Embolist, Torid, and Tysis (sometimes Flux Rifle). However, those builds generally only deal a little less damage than a pure damage build because of those dual Element+Status mods, so not much is lost.

Some weapons do excel at Status builds, though, like Miter, Tysis, Grakata, and Flux Rifle (to name a few). Like I said, just find what works best for you.

If you really want a good Status %, honestly, 10% before Multishot and any Status mods is pretty good. My Braton Prime only has a 10% base, but it procs like mad even without a Status build. 15% or higher base is just insane, especially with high firerate.

Well, that was more typing than I planned on. Cheers, and I hope this helps!

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The higher the damage of certain type is, the more probable is it's proc to occur.


Weapon with 100 Impact and 200 Slash will proc Slash more often, than Impact. Same with 100 Puncture and 200 Viral.

So if you have a weapon with 50 Puncture, 50 Impact, 100 Slash and 200 Toxin, and it has 10% Status Chance, you won't get Toxin proc on 10% shots, you'll get proc in general with 10% chance, and within those 10% the damage type to proc will be further randomized. So the effective chance of procing Toxin in that case can be equal to 3% or something around that.


I hope my post is not too confusing...

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as it was explained to me but vastly simplified:


the % of any proc happening is equal to the % of the total damage it is.

the sum of % of the IPS can't go lower than 50%.


this means that if the weapon has 100/100/100 ips, you have a 33.3% chance of triggering any of the effects per shot (if the chance for status activates)


if the above weapon has 100/100/100 ips but 10000000000000 toxic damage, if a proc is decided to apply, 50% of the chance goes to IPS (so 16.6% for each I,P,S, and 50% chance for toxic dmg

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