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Mods That Need Tweaking


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I'm not talking about plain bad mods like Warm Coat and Intruder - this is about mods that should be usable, but for some reason are weaker than they should be. 


None of these should be revelations. If there's a mod you frequently look at and think "I wish this were better", it's on here.




Physique - When do you ever see anyone run Physique? Extra health is nice in theory, but not when it's 13-27 health. If it was something sizable like 50%, it might start being a viable alternative to Rejuvenation.


Sprint Boost, Speed Holster - Decent Auras but why do they give less mod points than most Auras? Considering most of the time you're running Energy Siphon/Corrosive Projection, we don't really need another reason not to run these.


Dead Eye - Again, why with the less mod points? A 40-60% buff wouldn't be too imbalanced here considering Sniper Rifles are rarely used by more than one person, let alone by an entire squad.


Warframe/Sentinel Mods


Both Warframe and Sentinel mods are either completely unusable or perfectly fine. Fast Deflection and Fortitude could probably see a buff (180/120% respectively?) to make shield recharge a viable alternative in final builds.


Weapon Mods


Mostly the same issues so let's put them into one cluster.


Piercing/Impact/Slashing Mods - Other than the melee ones, these mods are flat bad. At 90%, they're still somewhat worse than elemental mods while still providing a viable alternative. (Side note: I like that they don't scale off the full base damage, as it allows heavily skewed weapons to retain their damage identity.)


Status Mods (Rifle Aptitude, Shotgun Savvy, Sure Shot, Melee Prowess) - With the exception of Shotgun Savvy, any of these maxed is worse than an unranked elemental status mod (even Hammer Shot is so much better). These need to be much higher to compensate for the lack of damage - 90% maybe. Enduring Strike also falls in this category.


Deep Freeze, North Wind, Ice Storm - For some reason, Cold damage ended up with the short end of the stick. The D polarity isn't necessarily a disadvantage (although it does mean you have to plan for Cold damage in advance when Formaing), but there's no reason for these to be 60% when ever other element is 90%. Ice Storm could also be pulled up to 60% to fall in line with the other Nightmare elemental mods.


Shocking Touch - We now have two mods that are strictly better than Shocking Touch - Focus Energy and Voltaic Strike. Would there be any harm in pulling it up to 90% and not making it completely obsolete?



I did consider putting Bane mods, Charged Chamber and channeling damage mods in this section, but as it stands these mods do have their place.


This entire section can pretty much be summarized with "Standardize all damage type mods to 90%".

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Shield Recharge mods are quite useful in their current state. There's no need to buff them.


For everything else, I agree. Most of these differing stats are likely from a lack of attention to what was already in place, similarily to how the number of scans required to complete the entry of an eximus enemy is the same as for their standard counterparts.

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I'm going to bring this back as a reminder for the devs. Hopefully they are working on it. I would love the new builds.




Including the "Rebound" should work on Miter and Drakgoon and any other bouncy weapons.

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Shield recharge is in a good place, it's just massively overshadowed by Sentinels' ability to recharge our shields instantly. I think that the issue is with Guardian.




PIS mods: I think that ALL of them should match elemental mods for mod capacity requirements and be buffed up to 18% per rank for a total of 108% damage bonus. It'd make them closer to competitive with elemental mods for specialized weapons, I think.


Status mods: These need to be addressed big time. All of them need to be at LEAST 15% per rank, and putting them at 20% per rank would yield +120% proc for one mod, which sounds about like where it should be.


Ice mods: Ice Storm is perfectly fine where it is. North Wind and Deep Freeze need to be boosted up to 90%. They are 60% because the Damage 1.0 status effect of those mods were superior, and it's ridiculous that these weren't changed when the status effects were balanced out.


Shocking Touch: Stacking Electric damage on Prova is hilarious, yes please to 90%. This is another thing like ice mods and I think it needs to be fixed, since this change has been needed since November of last year.



Just my opinions on the matter.


I agree that the Shield Recharge mods are not currently bad, it's just one of those mods that's first to go as you fine-tune your build. Good point on Guardian.


It's clear that some mods (status, cold) are just remnants of older iterations, but the P/I/S mods look more like a knee-jerk reaction to the Armor Piercing mods of damage 1.0. They don't need to be on par with elemental mods (especially since they cost less to equip), but they do need to be a viable alternative.

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