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Overclocking: Good Idea?



Hey guys,


         For sometime, ive been getting quite a bit of lag & delay from the game. ive tried everything from updating my Graphics drivers to optimizing my internet connection & even tinkering with the resolution of my screen and game, but nothing helps. Im only left with one option: Overclocking my Processor.



        I Have a Acer Aspire 7250 Laptop with AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics clocked at 1.65 GHz

with 4 Gbs of RAM. i saw on the system requirements that the amount of GHz needed for this game are 2.2 GHz.


       Is it safe for me to Overclock my processor to get it to just 2.2GHz, or would it be too much heat for the processor to handle?



Any help would be nice,



                                                                  Thank you

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I've overclocked everything on my desktop (without liquid cooling), and everything runs fine, but I'm not sure how well a laptop would handle it. You'd probably be better off seeking answers on a forum like Tom's Hardware.

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on a laptop, overclocking is a really mixed bag. there's already a significant lack of cooling, overclocking components so they run hotter, isn't really a good idea, unless you have a fairly high quality aftermarket cooler that can blast the laptop with as much airflow as possible.


as for Overclocking in of itself, nowadays it's technically not dangerous. there's many safety measures that will shutdown the system if something goes wrong, it's as simple as increasing rated speed, and then tweaking up Voltage until it's stable, but as low as possible.


for your specific hardware, overclocking an E-450 to what would be considered an acceptable level is likely not possible without it overheating before Windows boots or being extremely unstable due to the limited source of power. worse still, the CPU has an iGPU on it, meaning it's doing some video related tasks as well as processor tasks.



basically, you'd probably need a liquid intercooler and clocking your E-450 to something in the area of 4Ghz+, with System RAM clocked to 3Ghz+ for you to have performance that would be considered acceptable.



long story short, it's probably a very bad idea. especially as i see the E-450 has an 18w TDP. you're not doing any Overclocking on that CPU package that will actually make a difference that's worth it, that will also be stable. and double definitely so on a Laptop.



and what your ultimately looking to find out - i'm going to guesstimate that Warframe is 100% not playable on your laptop. the framerate that you will have while playing is almost certainly basically unplayable.

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Do. Not. Overclock.


Warframe plays VERY badly with overclocked systems. I've had the game crash loads of times whenever I have my rig clocked outside stock/turboboost ranges.


P.S. DO NOT OVERCLOCK A LAPTOP. Laptops are not meant for overclocking. At all. Don't do it. Especially not AMD processors which already have a very high TDP (they run hot as the surface of the sun yo).

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Several Nvidia cards come overclocked by factory.

Mine, the GTX 560 is over clocked by factory, and after 2 years every thing runs pretty smooth.

I saw somewhere online that the GTX 780 is overclocked by factory too.

my 560 is steady at 74 degrees, after i cleaned it up inside and out. Before i cleaned it up

it had gotten to 85, which got me worried.

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