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Clan Emblem Approval?


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It's been a week since I've uploaded my clan emblem from today. still waiting on approval? I submitted my clan emblem in a rush so it was done 2 days before the next major update and I'm still waiting?!

how much longer must I wait till I see approval let alone it being implemented in the game?

there's been multiple hot fixes which could of carried the emblem across to the game already..

I feel as if I'm going to be waiting a month until the emblem goes through. should I be contacting DE directly about this?

For a pricey figure of 150 plat I really would like to see it happen sooner than later. I've even done research and found others who've had there's approved and carried through into game in 2 days.

how long would I have to wait? (on PS4 platform)

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Hotfixes do not add content to the game.

If platinum was deducted, it's still waiting to be judged. If not, resend it.

2 days before a major update is pushing it when they are busy with U14 release. 

They'll get back to you when they do, should be within two weeks. It'll be added into the game with the next major update.

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You send it to late for it to take a look at it before this update. It needed to be sent about a week before the update was even sent to certification to Sony. Also they won't take a look at the submitted emblem until it gets closer to the new update being announce (which will be a while, I'll say a month or more). Trust me, I know from experience, and have contacted DE about this. It happen to my clan with the second emblem that we had submitted. You just need to wait until the next update is announce, and if by then the emblem hasn't been approve then contact DE through the support tab, and just give them a reminder. Best of luck to you my friend.

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thank you for your replies, i feel a bit more at ease about the situation.. 

although i still stand by what i said, its a bit of a cheek asking for 150 plat for something that could take up to a month to be implemented into the game...

DE should have a system for clan emblems specially since theres so many users that are paying for it!

once again thank you for getting back to me fingers crossed I'm hoping it doesn't take 3 more weeks, kinda loosing hope on this game!

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