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Various Bugs


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Various Up-to-Date Bugs

- Vor not spawning in T4 occasionally

- Infested Defense alerts on Earth.

- Infested stuck on top spawns. Kill barrier up there aswell if you attempt to find them

- Enemies pinned to the wall can cause massive framrate drop. ( day one bug on ps4)

- Can still run up walls forever....

- Dojo Dueling Room has assorted bugs

- Starting white rings dissapear after matches.

- players spectating can be poisioned and primed by Molecular Prime.

- Lephantis limbs can trap you against walls on first stage of the fight.

- Nekros can ragdoll enemies outside the map using soul punch where they remain out of sight. ( prolematic on Defense)

- Activating Iron Skin right before going down puts you in a perma downed state.G

- A single grenade INSTANT kills cryopod no matter what. (Ive experienced this alot!)

- Can teleport through obstacle course ( void ) prize doors even after they have closed

- Penta still cant destroy traps (especially arc traps)

- Using the bow with a punch through mod + antimatter drop can create damage in the Millions.

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hey guys.... has anyone had trouble with the character not being able to run or sprint, my game was running fine then decided to become almost unplayable, i've changed all the control settings, returned to default, removed all mods switched from left stick to right stick, even unistalled the game and reinstalled but to no avail, still my character just speed walks, any help and response will be greatly appreciated...Tony.

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