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[Enemy Concept] The Lawn Moa (Art Coming Soon!)


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Name: The Lawn Moa


Shields: 666

Armour: 30

Appearance: A green Moa usually bending down, as if to sip a drink. Has two saw blades on it's head and moves around in it's bending down position.


Attacking tactics: Moves slowly in unalerted state, then will move incredibly fast when alerted in a zig-zag pattern towards your lovely feet.

Then it will proceed to slice those feet into onion rings for the next Moa family meal.

Attack damage:

80 total damage per sec.

60 Slash damage per sec.

20 puncture damage per sec.

Has a low chance to stun Tenno due to loss of feet.


Tenno can hear the Lawn Moa from long distances due to continuous saw blade noises.

Tenno could possibly feel the lawn Moa due to lost feet.

Has a bad attitude towards Riot Moas due to rivalry.

Likes Greedy Oil.

Only wants a hug.

Hates Grinner rollers the same reason we do.

Likes dancing.

Does not have a ranged attack.


Bring a long ranged weapon; this Moa does not have a ranged attack.

Bring some Greedy Oil to lure this Moa into the desired place.

Bring an anti-shield weapon.

Bring a toxin weapon.

Somehow be able to fly, these Moas aren't known for their wings (if they had any).

^ Bring a Zephyr

I cross my fingers for this Enemy to be added in the game.

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