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Is It Worth It To Forma / Catalyst Sentinels?



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Absolutely worth it. With a reactor and some forums you can add max mods- redirection,steel fibre and vitality and it will become a resiliant little fellow that has great survivability. 

 I use a 6x forma Stinger on my sentinels which kills very well :)


No point in not upgrading it, why not make the most of it? what else you gonna do?

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there are only around 23 differenent frames, if you have more reactors than that, go ahead and slap them on sentinels, since there is nothing else you can do with them.

Personally i rather keep the damage from my sentinel low, because the more damage he deals, the less exp i get. But if all your stuff is 30 already, that doesnt matter.

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i'll wait for the kubro to come out... right now it's absolutely worth it, if you want the best you got to sue potatos... but if the kubro is totally better then sentinels, idk xD (de said that you won't be able to use kubros 24/7 because they are sensibkle to battle and they got to rest sometime in between missions... which means that probably you will need at least a backup sentinel)


anyway, the reactor is quite nice, the catalys only if you want your sentry to kill stuff, some people prefere to keep ther sentinels with no weapon perception mod on... in that case i won't suggest to use a catalyst

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If you're the min~max type of person a supercharged sentinel with 3 or 4 forma'd Dpol, you can make it so your sentinel would almost never die. 

And if you supercharge a sweeper and/or the deth machine rifle, along with 5 or 6 forma, it's almost having a 2nd player helping out on DPS. 

It's totally worth it to upgrade and maximize your sentinel along with it's weapons since it's just extra damage.

If you're short on Catalysts, Reactors and Forma, i'd wait for the Kubrows though. Since we all know they're coming, but we don't know if we're gonna need them for the Kubrows themselves. 

I forgot to mention that if you're leveling something else besides anything on your sentinel, it's a good idea to take out the sentinel's attack precept before a mission so it won't attack and steal kills/affinity from you while you're leveling a weapon/warframe. 

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I personally wouldn't do it.

They die too often and the only way to resurrect them is to use a revive.

in defense and survival missions you will likely not enjoy their benefit beyond 10~ minutes/waves

You don't use Redirection and Vitality eh? 

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If you're actually going to use them, yes, it's worth it.


If it's just for mastery, I wouldn't bother.


The exception is sentinel weapons. I don't bother with catalysts on the ones I've built. I usually have the weapon turned off anyway, and most of them aren't what you'd call terribly decisive.


Having said that, if you have a sentinel you almost always use, its weapon is probably worth a potato and a few formas if you're using it in T3 and T4 content, particularly if you solo a lot. I only regard four weapons as worthy: the carrier shotgun, the dethrifle, the Helios glaive whatsit, and the Djinn dartgun. The last is arguable and I don't have any experience with the prime laser rifle, but the regular laser rifle is so lackluster I have a hard time believing the prime would be enough better to be effective.   

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