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Alarms On Grineer Settlement


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Not so much a bug as it is an annoyance. No matter how stealthy you decide to be- no matter how slow and patient you are all is blown when grineer flip their sh*t on a Wild Desert Skate. Like it's a peaceful day in grineer land when all of the sudden all modes of alarms go off for a creature native to the land- one that is incredibly common too! Sure wouldn't be much of a problem if they freaked out over Desert Skates but as soon as that alarm triggers- Apparently they know you're there too. As if some magic alarm system reveals your position due to a Desert Skate being found. Probably happens the same on the Earth Tilesets with Wild Kubrows. 

TL;DR Desert Skates (Probably Kubrows too) make enemies trigger alarms- making Stealth game play impossible.

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