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Vay Hek Voice Pack


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There was some talk on another section of the forums earlier that got a DE post on it where it was mentioned that DE might be interested in making a voice pack for a certain character. Now we all know that it's probably going to be Darvo because he's awesome, but how about one for Vay Hek further down the line?

Personally Vay Hek is my favorite character in the game because every line of dialogue he has is so over the top and hammy. I'd gladly pay 15 to 20 dollars to have him screaming at me in all my missions.

Anybody agree with me on this? Anyone disagree?


Aforementioned DE post: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/260330-to-dear-de-george-make-weaponwarframesentinelkurbrow-soundaudio-a-customization-option/?p=3026477#entry3026477


The video that cemented Vay Hek as my favorite character:

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