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A Clan Recruiting Casual And Seasoned Gamers A Like


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Hello my fellow Tenno. I am clan leader of ACE clan, I have been slaying the vile enemies of the vast Warframe universe for quite some time and have managed to acquire a lot of helpful knowledge which I can share with you. Me and my loyal comrades are dedicated to making our clan stand atop of all clans. We are a clan made to just help players like you, if you need help with something then  please feel free to message any of our members and they'll be willing to help. The key to our success is in the tenacity and drive of all our members. We are very active and the priority of the clan is in its members all reaching the mastery desired, Farming the various objects of value scattered throughout the planets, and to receive any knowledge that may improve your level of play. An aim of ours is too achieve huge success on operation leader boards together, however our main aim is too look after one another within our clan so they can reach their peak performance with our help. I've come to the one place I know I can find the best players and am giving out a call to arms for any Tenno, brand new or a seasoned veteran that wish to fight alongside me across the galaxy. 

We are all here to help and support many of the new players who have just started Warframe so if you're new then definitely join us as I will strive to help you get the grips of the game. Seasoned players are definitely welcome too as well the more active members the better. I just want to have a big community for us so the more players joining the better. I will assist in anyway I can.

We are very relaxed and helpful, the majority of our clan are daily players and are always willing to help you if you need some sort of assistance. ACE chats are of mature in nature, we sometimes roleplay to pretend that we are actually not players but real Tenno :P We can always have a laugh too though, so don't be put off. The only real requirements are to have be respectful and make yourself heard. One thing our clan won't tolerate is rudeness towards other members. We are very vocal group and have several chats for all online members to bounce around and get involved with all different methods and tactics that many have to offer. Most importantly is to have fun and meet new gamers.

The ACE dojo is currently in construction however as a team I'm sure we can achieve something great so we can all don the best layout of a dojo within Warframe. We have floors for dedicated areas for example one floor is for labs and research, another floor is for training (duels and obstacle course ) another floor is dedicated to gardens, we also have a floor just for reactors. Finally theres the crew deck with the observatory and any other cool looking rooms. We plan to have all interactable decorations on every floor too. 

My clan is filled with an incredible  assortment of members. No one more easygoing, generous, and helpful group that I have the pleasure to invite all to come and join. If you love this game and want to enjoy it with other gamers who love it twice as much than you then you should come and meet the guys and explore the universe alongside us. And also one last thing. I know it is some sort of sadness that there are not many female tenno out there. I hope if any out there that may need a clan then they shouldn't feel intimidated about joining. ACE is mature and can handle talking with girl gamers with respect and decency too, any thing else would not be excused.

In the coming future we will have many more Waframe journeys to share alongside each other. We can all work together to make this clan not just a generic clan but an amazing one where we can all get along and just help each other together. I look forward to sharing many memories with all of you. So what are you waiting for? Join ACE now and make Warframe come to a whole new level of adventure!

Message me on PSN: brandon207_ if you're interested, you can also post back here too, or both :) I look forward to playing alongside you within this world, hopefully you'll join this wonderful clan and make it even greater.

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