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What Warframe Do You Think Is The Weakest/least Viable?



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They are all viable in one context or another, but a few aren't viable in every context. Assuming not overpoweringly good mods and no forma or potato in a tough mission not suited for said warframes then Ash, Ember, Nekros, Oberon, Valkyr, Volt are potentially poor choices (that is, there are missions where these are poor choices, every other warframe is never a poor choice if played well).

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Ash is my favorite Warframe and the one I spend the most time playing. 

He absolutely sucks at mobile defense/defense in general. Don't get me wrong, I can kill a truly outstanding number of enemies, but I can't make the entire room float in the air, shoot each other, or take away all of their guns. While Ash has really good damage and fantastic personal survival he falls apart when asked to "tank" something. 

So I consider him nonviable for solo defense missions. 

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Mag all she has is sheild polerize and her ult dmg can fall off late game yea pulls good but makes it harder to ahoot enemies

Shield Polarize has some of the best scaling (against Corpus) of any damaging power. With a Blind Rage of at least rank 7, with a max Intensify, Shield Polarize will completely drain enemy shields and deal a massive load of damage (~500% of the shields drained) to surrounding enemies (this means that it doesn't care how much health they have, because it still takes a large chunk out). Mag is a very viable late-game frame against Corpus, but otherwise she isn't very viable late-game.


That rant aside, I too love Ash, and agree that he is horrible for solo (or even group) defense-type missions. But he is wonderful for any other kind of soloing (I have soloed a few T4 Exterminates using only him and a Dakra Prime, with no dying).

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... then Ash, Ember, Nekros, Oberon, Valkyr, Volt are potentially poor choices...

Actually, I think you made a mistake there. Only thanks to Valkyr I was able to solo Suspicious shipments. And Rage+Valkyr= Ultimate killing machine. (People say hysteria's pretty underpowered, I see other way around)

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So, let's see (some personal bias may apply);



Shuriken damage is pretty useless (this and other claims about damage are from perspective of having a fully formaed Boltor Prime that deals 1000+ damage per shot before multishot);

Invis' AoE stagger is nice, but so far as duration builds it's still less effective than Loki;

TP is marginally useful, but not very much so in a game where there are constantly tons of targets to attack;

Ult is better after recent buff, but its damage stops to matter after a while, so it's only useful if you're having fun in low-level infested missions (slash damage and all). That said, just spamming ult in low-lag missions is one of greatest joys of this game. ;)



Knockdown wave is ok, but could use a damage buff;

Silence is better since it staggers, but enemies often just play stagger animation while continuing to run/shoot. When this bug is fixed, it will be better, but it still is nothing compared to reliable AoE CC like Rhino Stomp;

Sonar is ok but is rather lackluster. Yes if you shoot the highlighted parts, you'll do tons of damage, but who's gonna bother aiming for highlighted parts of each in a horde of enemies, when you can just pick Nova or a Rhino with Duration build (for perma-roar) to achieve similar effect for much less hassle.

Ult is also ok, but you need your team to capitalize on its usage to really get a lot out of it.



Once her damage stops to matter, all she's left with is a spammable AoE stun.



Needlessly long animations on everything, Slash Dash that doesn't scale with melee weapon damage, so we have the game's mascot which is limited to jumping around and blinding things.



Was better when putting Overextended on somehow caused his Ult to freeze stuff for 5-ish seconds, now is just laughably useless in anything except low-level defenses where mobs will actually need some time to take down the snowblobe. Although I heard meleeing slo-mo infested inside your huge snowglobe might be fun at times. With a big Greeneer Hammer Spinning Combo, of course. ;)



Laughable damage on all abilities, a somewhat random utility on Ult. Yes he can escape damage, but what's the point if hordes of 40+ level mobs aren't really getting killed?



Everyone's favorite farmbot, it's painful to observe this guy, obtainable from the most terrifying monster in game, being nothing other than a Natural Talent + Efficiency built Desecrate spammer. Yes AoE fear is ok, if you don't mind shooting fast-moving targets, and Ulty is also ok, but he really lacks some sort of AoE murder ability to synergise with his Ult. No, 500 damage on Soul Punch doesn't count.



Generally lacks utility, minus the momentary stun by his Ulty, he starts to really suffer once his damage stops one-shotting things.



Similar to oberon in that regard, although she's at least tanky, can be fast with helmet and mods, and isn't bad as Ult spammer in lower level missions where its damage is still able to kill things. This, of course, is before you forma the hell out of her to build her around just the Ult, which isn't the way frames should be designed (by DE) in the first place.


The rest of frames are either strong all around, or at least in certain roles.

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When people ask me which frame I think is the weakest, I generally think of Banshee, just cause I never really liked her moves. But she is at least fairly mobile and can be a fun frame to play when you are concentrating on just gunplay. If I think harder, I notice that out of all the frames I have, the one that gets the least play is Saryn. I never liked her, slow, funky lookin, veiny boobs, and underwhelming powers. But I'm sure someone out there has mastered her. I think she might be one of the slowest frames in the game, though.

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Actually, I think you made a mistake there. Only thanks to Valkyr I was able to solo Suspicious shipments. And Rage+Valkyr= Ultimate killing machine. (People say hysteria's pretty underpowered, I see other way around)


Yep, Val is OP as bloody murder even when you just build her for duration/warcry. Put on some armor, unranked Life Strike on the weapon, cast warcry and go berserk-murdering the poor infested in all possible dark sectors for fun and profit.

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