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Inviting/whispering Players Needs To Be More Accessible


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Maybe this topic has been brought up before or discussed, but I'm watching devstream 31-32 and there's talk about a new user interface....either way I'm having a hard time trying to explain my suggestion but I'll try my best to explain.


when ever I'm on warframe and I'm looking for a squad in the "recruit chat" there's constantly like a [big number here] people online, and well that makes searching for a player difficult.


for example:

Player A: "hosting ______"

-player B wants to join-


now of course playber b can either a search through the long list for player A, or he/she could take the easier rout and "/w player A"


but the problem I find at times, are people with very very silly usernames like "IlIIlIIIlIIlII" [for those who don't know that's a combination of upercase i's and lowercase L's]


either way my suggestion is for player b to just right click on player A's name right after they posted their message and it opens up a popup menu.


if any questions I'll try to answer to the best of ability...but really 

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yea something should be done about recruit chat, like like on name to apply to squad, because dear god do i hate names like IM_G0NNA_WREK_IT ...having to type that in is a chore

not to mention by the time you finish typing it "sorry full"

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