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Bobbyyug's Super Cheap Shop(Wts)

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(3)Barrel Diffusion- 8p Each

(5)Energy Channel- 5p Each

(2)Firestorm- 8p Each

Jolt- 30p 

Shell Shock- 25p

Split Chamber- 10p

(5)Streamline- 5p Each

(1)Thunderbolt- 5p Each

Lethal Torrent- 10p

(3)Malignant Force- 5p Each

(3)Virulent Scourge- 5p Each

Rage- 10p

Quick Thinking- 10p

Natural Talent- 10p

Rank 6 Narrow Minded- 30p

Rank 6 Blind Rage- 30p


Prime Parts

Rhino Prime Chassis- 20p

(5)Boltor Prime Receiver- 5p Each

Boltor Prime Barrel- 15p

(3)Akbronco Prime Link-5p Each



Bundle Deal

If you Buy 3 things at the same time from my shop you get a 10% Discount on the total amount of Plat for all 3 items

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